A healthy day at Fintiba

Frankfurt, 22 June 2018

Today was the “DAK Gesundheitstag” at Fintiba and I had the chance to check my health conditions together with my colleagues. DAK understands that promoting the health of employees not only benefits every single employee, but also offers many advantages for every company such as less time of absence, higher quality of work and increased innovation.

Today’s event included two health checks – back check and stress test, along with personal health consultancy for everyone who is insured at DAK Gesundheit.

So, I first started off with the stress test. Stress is a common issue that many people are facing nowadays. From time to time, we see people feeling overwhelmed because of the pressures that they experience during their daily life. The test was aimed to measure Heart Rate Variability(HRV), which describes the ability of the body to change the frequency of the heart rhythm. The experts from DAK guided me through the whole process in a very relaxing atmosphere. Luckily, it turned out everything is fine with my stress level and heart rate.

Moreover, through the technology of BACKSCAN, DAK experts tested the health of my back. I was told that every back is individual. Therefore, before and during a back treatment, a professional measurement is the basis for a suitable therapy. The whole test was so simple, yet so informative. Results suggested that I need to exercise more to strengthen my lower back area. It’s always interesting to learn more about a healthy lifestyle.

To fit the occasion, we (or at least some of us ?) had a healthy lunch and on top of that everyone had the chance to prepare their own healthy smoothie. While enjoying a well-deserved BBQ, we are now enjoying the World Cup atmosphere together with the whole Fintiba team! Is there any better way to spend a Friday evening in summertime!?

It’s never a dull day at Fintiba.

Written by Yenu

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