Amer’s internship experience at Fintiba

Amer Al Omari, an international student from Jordan, has recently completed his internship in the Customer Care team and shared his experience with us in this blog post.

The idea of Fintiba has always impressed me.

It is about making it easy for internationals to study in Germany. For us students, Fintiba is a connecting tool with the whole world. It connects students from different countries by providing them with a simple and easy way to finish all the paperwork they need for their studies in Germany with only a few online clicks. A solution which will make you say that it really “Feels Like Home!” here.

I was accepted for an internship at Fintiba in the Customer Care team. I felt comfortable since the first day since there are more than 10 nationalities in this department. My tasks at the beginning were related to editing, comparing and verifying documents of our customers. I discovered that I can work under pressure better than I have ever imagined and it gave me more confidence in myself.

Later, I started to work directly with customers which were a real challenge for me, so I started to ask my colleagues for help when I felt that I was not improving. I was so lucky because they were and still are extremely helpful. I would never find such a friendly atmosphere elsewhere. I loved it here and that was the reason for me to start developing further. I started to help our customers by emails, phone calls or even face to face. In a day I will solve a problem for someone on the other side of the world and on the second day, I will work on a case for someone who is already living in Germany.

One of the main challenges that I have faced is the language.

Unfortunately, I did not practice the German language enough during my studies since all my friends were Erasmus students who used to communicate in English most of the time. However, even though my German level is not yet advanced, I was able to support many English and Arabic speaking customers. At the same time, I got to practice German with my colleagues.

My supervisor is Ms Christine Böhm, the head manager of the Customer Care team. She was the main reason for me to fall in love with Fintiba even before starting my internship. During the interview, she was so understanding and did not put a lot of pressure on me. She knew that I am a student without a lot of experience and appreciated the fact that I want to learn something new. After the start, she helped me a lot and supported me with every question I had. She made sure that I feel comfortable working at Fintiba.

I also had a mentor who was responsible for my integration. She helped me with everything, and I have learnt a lot from her since she is specialised in all processes related to the Blocked Account opening. Her name is Mabel and she is also a very good friend of mine now ?

I tried to collect everything I learnt in the university regarding communication with customers and aimed to transform it from a theory to practice.

I know that I succeeded in that because I received many emails from customers thanking Fintiba team for their efforts and services.

Since the beginning, I was sure that this internship will benefit me a lot and it surpassed my expectations because I really did not know that I will learn so many things in such a short period.

This internship also influenced my future career plans.

I always thought that I will open a shipping company in the future and that it is all about having tools to ship products from a place to another. After this internship, I became more realistic and learnt that it is actually all about customers. A satisfied customer means a successful business.

As I mentioned previously, the atmosphere in Fintiba is very friendly. I said it so many times to my friends that I would never find a job with such a friendly environment. My colleagues are the best and I really hope that they will succeed in everything they do.

I definitely recommend Fintiba to anyone who really wants to discover himself/herself. Fintiba will open the door for many working opportunities in the future and you will learn A LOT!

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