Celebrating 100.000 international journeys!


This month, Fintiba celebrates a milestone of 100.000 international students whose dream of studying in Germany came true with the help of its digital innovative service.

Being the first-ever digital blocked account provider, the company made a major contribution to the development of Germany from being ranked 9 out of 9 for cumbersome visa processes in 2016 to becoming the top non-English speaking country for international students in 2019.

Over this time Fintiba has started a multitude of initiatives to make the journey of internationals to Germany easier and their integration in a new country smoother. Today, the company is looking back at the way the market has changed over the years and Fintiba’s role in its development.

We are very glad that thanks to our innovative services for so many international students a dream could come true.”

says Bastian Krieghoff, Founder and CEO of Fintiba.

Indeed, Fintiba cannot be defined by solely blocked accounts and health insurances, as the company has grown and now provides a whole ecosystem for international students. Having direct insights into the journey and struggles of internationals, Fintiba came up with a variety of dedicated activities from an extensive resource of information available on their platform to scholarships, research studies, local events, language learning support, a Corona-ticker and much more – for more than 100.000 students, Fintiba became more than just a digital blocked account provider.

Its policy paper with Stifterverband initiated parliamentary discussions about the improvement of visa processes and the industry contribution was awarded with the export prize of the state of Hesse in 2019.

The contribution to the sector also plays a key role in the political attempts to attract skilled workers that the economy is so dependent on (of which 3,9 Million will be lacking in 2030). Over 50% of International students study the widely required STEM-subjects, over 70% would like to stay in Germany to work. However, more than 50% do not manage to get into work during the 12 months after graduation, a figure Fintiba wants to support bringing down.

Founded only four years ago, the company has grown into a multinational team of more than 40 employees today serving customer from over 190 countries. Having reached the milestone of 100.000 international students accompanied to Germany, the journey continues.

🎬 We made a special video dedicated to this important milestone! Check it out here.

Friends and partners from all over the world are congratulating Fintiba with this important milestone:

The introduction of Fintiba Plus as the first integrated blocked account and insurance solution in the market was a real digital innovation customized for international students. We are very happy for being part of this partnership and offer.”

says Thomas Meier, Managing Partner of  Sutorbank

Fintiba is a valuable enrichment for all international students in Germany. The solutions are tailored to the very specific needs of internationals and building the Plus package together with such a strong and dynamic team has been an insightful experience.”

says Michael Schmid, Managing Director of MAWISTA

Fintiba has been a unique added value to our German Year project since 2018, with students of our university being fully supported in their exchange years to Germany with great and innovative banking, health insurance, and student visa application solutions. Fintiba has always dealt and supported our students with the professionalism; provided them with different types of troubleshooting designed for each of the individual cases, especially in peak times. With our great pleasure, we are delighted to be part of this milestone of Fintiba, celebrating 100,000 customers. Throughout the years, our fruitful partnership extended to different areas of collaboration, from offering our students great internship opportunities at Fintiba’s head office in Frankfurt, staff training, as well as being one of our main partners and sponsors at our Farewell Events at the end of every semester. We gladly aspire to strengthen and broaden our collaboration with Fintiba and we look forward to an even more bright and smooth exchange year for our students.”


Heba Alassali, International Office at German Jordanian University

About Fintiba:

Fintiba offers innovative tailor-made online solutions for international students and other groups who want to study or work in Germany. The developed solutions are built together with premium partners to always fulfil the needs of international students. Everything is integrated and settled online in the innovative Fintiba App.


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