Collaboration between Fintiba and Gujarat Technological University

Education in a globalised world

Education has no borders in the globalised world of today. Students all over the world aspire to study and gain experience abroad to broaden their horizons and develop a global perspective. Correspondingly, Germany is increasingly becoming one of the top study destinations for international students. One of the biggest challenges faced by the students who aspire to move to Germany is either a lack of information or an overwhelm by the abundance of information and the daunting task of finding the right academic path. Understanding this concern, Fintiba and Gujarat Technological University (GTU) in India have begun a collaboration to provide the right kind of information to students aspiring to study in Germany.

What is the aim of the collaboration?

With this partnership, Fintiba and GTU aim to equip students interested in studying in Germany with all the required information. Through the regularly scheduled webinars on various topics related to preparing to move to and live in Germany, more and more students will be able to gain from collaboration.

Fintiba’s mission is to become the first point of contact and trusted partner for everyone who wants to study or work in Germany. Through this, we have supported over 200,000 international students from more than 190 countries. Therefore, we understand the journey to Germany can be quite overwhelming for international students. Keeping this in mind, we proactively involve ourselves in making this journey seamless not only through our services but also through interactive webinars discussing topics like orientation and how to get started in Germany as well as articles surrounding topics such as university application and visa application.

The highlight of the collaboration

The highlight of the collaboration is when our colleague from Fintiba, Tasneem, had a chance to meet the director of the international exchange program Mr. Keyur Darji at the Gujarat Technological University campus in Ahmedabad. Additionally, an in-person seminar was held for the students on the GTU campus where students traveled from distant cities to get first-hand information about studying in Germany and what to expect as an international student or expat after arriving in Germany.

In conclusion, a collaboration between Fintiba and Gujarat Technological University can prove to be beneficial to both the organisations involved to make the journey for the student easier by providing the right information at the right time.

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