Empowering Indian Students going to Germany: Fintiba GmbH and Orient Exchange Join Forces

In an exciting development, Fintiba GmbH from Germany and Orient Exchange from India have officially joined hands in a strategic partnership. This cooperation promises to reshape the landscape of financial services for Indian students pursuing higher studies in Germany. Both parties share a vision of streamlining financial processes and enriching the overall student experience.

A Powerful Synergy

Fintiba GmbH, renowned for its expertise in providing blocked account and health insurance solutions, has teamed up with Orient Exchange, a trusted name in the remittance sector with a vast network of 21 branches across India. This partnership is set to reshape creating awareness around the blocked account process and remittance of money to the blocked account.

The Benefits for Orient Exchange

For Orient Exchange, this strategic alliance presents a golden opportunity to expand its reach and offer unparalleled convenience to Indian students pursuing education in Germany. By leveraging Fintiba’s extensive database of students requiring blocked accounts, Orient Exchange aims to streamline the remittance process for these students.

The collaboration will provide students with a seamless way to transfer funds into their blocked accounts, ensuring their financial readiness for the visa process.

Empowering Fintiba’s Presence in India

On the other side of the partnership, Fintiba is poised to tap into Orient Exchange’s strong local presence in India. This collaboration opens doors for Fintiba to effectively serve Indian students with their blocked account requirements.

This is facilitated by consistently training and educating the local staff of Orient Exchange about products and services. With Orient Exchange’s established network, Fintiba can ensure its cutting-edge financial solutions reach a wider audience in India.

Fintiba’s Managing Director, Jonas Marggraf expresses his excitement about the partnership as this collaboration would enhance the ability of Fintiba to cater for the growing Indian market. Additionally, it aligns with the goals of making the transition of Indian students to Germany a seamless one via its solutions

A Bright Future Ahead

The partnership between Fintiba and Orient Exchange is an embodiment of convenience and customer-centricity. By combining their strengths, the exchange is motivated to help students with the financial services landscape. The collaboration will not only facilitate smoother financial processes but also enable students to focus on what truly matters – preparation for their journey to Germany.

As this partnership unfolds, it holds the promise of transforming the way students perceive outward remittance to Fintiba’s blocked account via Orient Exchange. With Fintiba’s blocked account expertise and Orient Exchange’s local presence, the future looks brighter than ever for international students pursuing their German dream.

For more information and updates on this exciting partnership, stay tuned to the official channels of Fintiba GmbH and Orient Exchange.

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