Fintiba’s international team

Have you ever wondered who´s behind Fintiba’s international team? Keep on reading to learn more about us!

Since January 2017, we have accompanied almost 150k internationals on their way to Germany. We strive to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. We do this by supporting you with all important milestones along the journey and during your time in Germany.

The key to our success lies in the people who work tirelessly and passionately to make it possible: at Fintiba, we LOVE what we do!

Our friendly working atmosphere helps us foster an environment with open and honest communication. Here empathy, respect and understanding are essential. We are a highly committed and professional team with a good sense of team spirit and humour. Our tasks are approached in a dynamic and progressive way so that we can make the best of our daily work, while also delivering value for you, our clients.

Fintiba’s international team consists of people with diverse experiences and backgrounds from all around the globe, thus we are enriched with a wide diversity of cultures, customs, and religions. We have team members from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Cameroon, China, India, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Spain, Syria, Uganda, UK and Uzbekistan. And yes, and we even have some Germans 😊

Although the working language at Fintiba is English, our team has knowledge of many other languages from all around the world. Those include Hindi, Bangla, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Swahili, Chinese, Persian and Arabic, just to name a few.

Being so international also comes with its challenges and learnings. Many members of our team had to go through the same processes as our customers in order to realise their dream of moving to Germany. Therefore, we are passionate about the role we play in the improvement and simplification of internationals’ journey to Germany. We are also very knowledgeable of the obstacles and solutions along the way.

Working at Fintiba involves a continuous learning process in which we outgrow ourselves every day in a personal and professional way. Being part of our team means having a positive and open mindset. We believe that change is the only constant and therefore look forward to every surprise we encounter that allows us to develop and improve a little more.

However, it is not all about work in our Frankfurt office. Even during the corona pandemic we have tried to keep up our culture of after-work activities and interpersonal exchange in a creative and safe new ways. The time spent together “outside of work” helps us learn from each other by sharing differing perspectives and points of view. This way we manage to foster healthy relationships in the team, which of course helps us to better support our customers.

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