Germany’s hidden treasures

Living abroad and in a totally different “world” had always been my dream since I was a little girl. Years were moving faster than I expected and I had to make my dream a reality. Where? When? How? Was the next puzzle I needed to fix?

Australia…. Naah…too expensive and too far

America… everyone goes there, the quality of life is not as good, education is extremely expensive and I’m not sure if I will be allowed to stay for longer period

U.K… extremely expensive, very unfriendly student laws

France… Not sure if I will get a job there after my studies… most masters programs are offered in French…

Germany… Yeey!!! Extremely friendly student laws, strong economy, variety of master programs offered in English, not very far from home, at least air tickets are affordable, quality of life very good…

After research, consultation and personal instinct, I decided to settle for Germany. It was my dream country because everything that I desired in a foreign country, Germany was offering.

After arriving in Germany, I started applying for jobs, mainly to help develop my career and to help support myself financially.  After several applications, I got invited to a few interviews. Fintiba invited me a few days after I had other interviews with other companies. The moment the interview started, I knew Fintiba was my desired place to work. I was not only amazed by how friendly the interviewers were, but also by the core objective of the company. Fintiba is helping international people, who dream of coming and living in Germany to realize their dream! This was me a few months ago and now I was being offered a chance to help other people realize their dream, ´my dream´ I have never been so sure of working for a company as much as I was sure of Fintiba!

Since the day I started working here till now, there has never been a dull moment for me. The team is friendly, the environment is welcoming, and the nature of work is fun. The friendly and hardworking nature of my colleagues motivate me to come to work every day. Work is not just work in Fintiba, work is mixed with fun and for this I wake up everyday excited to go to work. One year down the line and I still love working at Fintiba, I have never loved work this much in my entire life. I get a sense of belonging and it feels like home.

All of us at some point of life needs to get a job, but what we forget is that we not only need to consider the status, position or the money, but we also need to put much value on the environment, and how we feel at our work place. For this, I can say I am proud of myself because I made the right decision to join a company that not only satisfy one angle of my dream job but satisfy all the other angles. I am and will always be proud to work at “FUN…TIBA”.

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