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Germany as a destination for international students and expats

In recent years, Germany has become a very attractive destination for international students and expats looking for work opportunities, as the country is opening and integrating a multitude of cultures and traditions that come with the internationals moving in. There are already many activities that promote internationalism such as exchange programmes, information webinars and scholarships by institutions such as DAAD or Goethe Institute, as well as educational fairs to name a few.

These help to boost the morale of international students and expats and encourage others to consider Germany as a preferred study and work destination at the heart of Europe. Nowadays, especially in big German cities you can easily find a huge diversity of restaurants, theatres, music events, leisure activities incorporating flavours and influences from across the world, which allow internationals to share their culture with native Germans and enrich the diversity and exchange opportunities in the country.

Indian students in Germany

Indian students who come to Germany, often have a background in engineering or computer science from their bachelor’s degrees and they prefer Germany as a destination for master studies for several reasons. They view Germany as a country with a very stable political system and a strong economy, with a leading position worldwide in the automobile and manufacturing industries. Germany is also home to a growing number of tech-savvy start-ups and pioneering institutions (such as Fintiba 😉) offering great internship and work opportunities to internationals.

There has been a constant inflow of Indian students to Germany for over a decade now, and they have been able to successfully graduate from their studies and find jobs all over Germany. The beauty of the country is that it empowers students who come here to strengthen their practical skills and equips them to work in companies such as Bosch, Audi, Mercedes, Sanofi, FEV, ABB, Eaton, Deutsche Bahn and in many other industries.

Indian Student Associations in Germany

The above-mentioned reasons have empowered the Indian community to start student associations all over Germany. Some of the biggest groups include the associations in Darmstadt (DIA), Bonn / Cologne (ISABC), Aachen (AISA), Berlin (INDCC), Frankfurt (FISA), and Stuttgart (ISAUS). Indian students who have been admitted in a German university or school, can become a member of these associations, and connect with peers.

Considering the language and cultural differences between India and Germany, these student associations serve as a beautiful bridge to make the journey of students from India to Germany hassle free. These student associations have their own Facebook communities or Whatsapp groups that serve as a strong support system in guiding the students right from the start of choosing Germany as a study destination to supporting them in their first few months after arrival in the country.

They also conduct events and organise activities in Germany such as hiking trips, movie nights, dance classes and joint cooking days to help the newcomers with homesickness and offer occasions to easily make new friends. Fintiba is partnering with several Indian associations such as the Association of Indian Students in Aachen, Darmstadt Indian Association, Frankfurt Indian Scholars Association to name a few, by offering valuable advice on topics such as the documents needed for the visa appointment, tips for the first days in Germany and more. Fintiba representatives are also actively involved in events organised by some of the associations and we are always happy when we have the chance to interact directly with students.

2019 in Cologne - Fintiba visiting a Cricket Tournament
2019 in Cologne - Fintiba visiting a Cricket Tournament

Indian food, music and culture

Indian student bodies support upcoming students by spreading the food, music and culture from all areas of India in Germany. In many parts of Germany, you can find Indian restaurants, screenings of Indian films and cultural events such as dance, music and drama performances from various parts of India.

In addition, the associations help organise events to celebrate big Indian festivals like Diwali, Independence Day, Republic Day. It is a joy to share the culture with fellow Indians and other nationalities. This not only strengthens the opportunity to network and make friends for Indian students in Germany, but also allows locals and other internationals to appreciate and respect the country’s culture, which is very important in today’s world.

2019 in Aachen during an AISA UTSAV event
FISA at the Indian Consulate in Frankfurt
Indian students during the welcome week in Aachen
2019 in Aachen during an AISA UTSAV event

Why Germany truly #Feelslikehome?

Like we mentioned in our YouTube video titled Living in Germany, as an Indian coming to Germany you wouldn’t miss much – you will still be able to enjoy your home cuisine, music, movies, festivals, and everything else that you are used to from home. The best part is that you will also get the chance to share these with friends from many other nationalities, while also learning about their cultures. The Indian student organisations across Germany make this very easy by providing valuable tips to the newcomers and spread the Indian culture and tradition here in Germany.

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