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Introducing the New Fintiba Web App

Have you already checked out our brand-new Fintiba Web App? It has been fundamentally redesigned and re-engineered to make your relocation experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. And it is full of features to make your life easier. We offer you a whole new user experience with simpler processes and intuitively clear steps to follow. Fresh design, overhauled functionalities and improved performance. Take a closer look – we hope you will love it as much as we do!

Clear Design and Simple Interface

As of now, you can find all the features conveniently displayed in your home view. A beautiful and clear design allows you to quickly search through the sections, get a comprehensive overview of our product solutions and explore each of them in more detail by clicking on a respective field. The view is fully responsive to mobile devices and in general, is very nice to look at  🙂

Intuitive Navigation

On the upper right corner, you will find your personal navigation console where you can access the Documents section, the Timeline section and your Fintiba profile. Right below there is your ‘Next Step Box’ – an important info box that we will use to guide you through the process and inform about each step that you need to take. We intend to simplify the journey as much as possible and are there to support you all the way.

Whenever you need to complete product-related to-dos such as your Blocking Agreement you can either just follow your next step or return to the home view and click on the corresponding product card. In our example below, that would be the Blocked Account section.


Apart from the cards with the additional product solutions like Health or Rent Deposit Insurance, we highly recommend you to explore the Study Guide and check our Current Account recommendations. There you will find the most useful and relevant information regarding your new life abroad. Moving to Germany has never been that easy  ??

Engineered for Transparency

Enter the profile section to upload the required documents and fill in all the necessary information. Just go through the fields that are marked as ‘Missing’ and complete the forms by the given instructions. Once you have successfully entered the data, you will see that the info box on the top has turned green and the new step has appeared. Just follow those guidelines, and you will always be updated and never miss an important to-do.

On the left side of the profile section, you will see your profile data displayed. There you can check your personal details, upload your very own profile picture and adapt your language preferences when clicking on ‘Settings’ whenever you like.


We cannot wait for you to explore all of the features of our new Web App and are looking forward to learning what you think about it!  LOGIN NOW

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