Meet Yingjie Song – our Lucky 19 winner

A few months ago we have organized a ‘Lucky 19’ contest for students from China with our local partner 51deguo. The main winner, Yingjie Song, got a €600 euro scholarship for her studies in Germany and a whole bunch of other valuable prizes. Yingjie has shared with us her experience of coming to Germany and described the process she went through with Fintiba. 

I am excited to receive the €600 scholarship from Fintiba today. I want to thank Fintiba for supporting my way to Germany and I would like to leave my feedback for the services provided by this company. For me, there are two main reasons to use Fintiba:

  • The first reason would be the fast speed of the account opening and issuance of the blocking confirmation – it has saved me a lot of time and efforts. I have used the blocked account services twice and both times the blocking confirmations were issued within a week. My home is a bit far from Shanghai, and it would take ages to open the account for the German student visa from there, therefore my friends recommended me to use Fintiba. You will only need to go through a simple legitimation process and within a blink your blocked account will be ready.
  • The second reason is that Fintiba has Chinese customer care services. This is really important to me! It is convenient that the services can be provided in your mother language. Any question you have, you can directly get an answer from their QQ chat group, or you can contact the customer care directly via phone and email. It is much better for me rather than speaking German and way more convenient than going to a bank branch.

I wish you all the best for the year of pig and best luck in getting your German student visa. Of course, this is just my experience described, but I am sure that you are going to find your best way to Germany.

新年的第一天就收到了fintiba爸爸的大红包,感恩~??说一下我自己使用fintiba 的感受吧,帮金主爸爸打打广告哈哈哈哈。我选fintiba有两个原因,第一个是fintiba处理保证金证明的速度特别快很省事,我记得我两次存保证金都是不到一周就处理好惹,因为我们家不在上海在国内开德国银行账户特别麻烦,朋友就推荐我用fintiba ,因为只用视频验证就好,自己名下的保证金银行账户就生成了。第二个原因是fintiba 有中文客服!!划重点!!这点真的好方便,遇到问题在QQ群里询问客服问题很快就解决,也可以打电话或者发邮件跟他们公司直接联系,对于我个人来说比去柜台练德语要方便??。在这里也祝各位留德德小伙伴们新年快乐,新的一年欧气满满,早点毕业~(以上言论仅代表我个人观点,大家要按照自己的实际情况选择适合自己的存保证金方式哦)

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