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Taking #feelslikehome philosophy one step further

One of the biggest assets that we have here at Fintiba is our incredible multi-national Team. Despite completely different backgrounds, religions and languages, we all share a similar mindset and truly love what we do. Helping international students to make their dream of coming to Germany come true is a mission that keeps our minds busy not only during the working hours, but also in our everyday lives. We are happy to share with you that two of our colleagues have simultaneously been awarded by DAAD & their universities for the continuous support that they had provided to international students during their studies.

Being there for fellow internationals, sharing valuable experiences and providing a helping hand anywhere and anytime – that is what makes a true #feelslikehome spirit. Needless to say that we are very proud to have such motivated and dedicated colleagues!

“Germany is already becoming a highly sought-after destination for higher studies and rightfully so. The education here is on par with or better than similar institutions across the globe. My advice to an international student coming to Germany would be to interact with people outside your own culture and your comfort zone during the initial stages. And of course, learn German as much as possible!”


Vaishali Senthil Kumar Parvathi


“Having recieved such a recognition as a foreigner, and being able to share my knowledge in such an amazing environment as in Fintiba is something that really makes me feel fullfilled! This is also reflected in our work here, where we strive always to make the best experience out of all our customers coming to Germany. We have been in your shoes, we know how tough it is at times. Everyone, please rest assured that here in Fintiba you will always find understanding and people with one desire, helping you the best way possible!
Fintiba truly #FeelsLikeHome ? “


Carlos Rebollo Santano


Congratulations, Carlos and Vaishali, from the whole Fintiba Team ?

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