Yue Zhang “How amazing is that!”

I got my admission letter at the end of August this year and had very limited time to apply for a German VISA at that moment. My classmate recommended me to use Fintiba services saying that it only took her three days from blocked account opening to getting her blocking confirmation! I found the website of Fintiba very simple and easy to use and opened my blocked account in only one day. After that I was ready to transfer the money.

However, some mistakes were made by my local bank due to a lack of experience in international transactions. My money was stuck in the intermediary bank which affected a lot my VISA process and caused a lot of troubles and concerns.

However, I was happy to find out that there is an official Fintiba QQ Customer Care group providing services in Chinese! Hint: for those who have questions about opening blocked account and issuing pay-outs, you cannot miss a chance to consult with this unforgettable support team.

Fintiba Customer Care team always provides with great support. In my case, they provided assistance with the transferring process and successfully solved my problems.

With Fintiba you only need three days to open your blocked account and transfer your money to your own account. Moreover, you can save more on the traveling expenses to Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou! How amazing is that! Stop hesitating and open your blocked account with Fintiba now! o(≥v≤)o





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