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Welcome to the Fintiba Community – a place that brings together international students on every step of their way to Germany.

The idea of the community emerged from our continuous efforts to ease the lives of international students. With this group, we aim to provide you with a safe space to connect with other international students from more than 170 different countries who want to or, maybe, already live and study in Germany. The Fintiba Community is a place to ask questions, give answers, share different hints and tips, meet-up and learn everything about daily life in Germany. Here you will have a chance to help and get help from fellow international students about different topics such as accommodation, registration, job search and sometimes to simply have fun ? Does not it sound exciting? We cannot wait for all of you to become a part of it.

If you are confused about topics like TIN, how to transfer money to your blocked account, how the legitimation process works or how to find accommodation in Germany and even scholarships, you can always ask questions or answer/comment on questions other people have asked. In addition, you will always hear the latest Fintiba announcements in our Facebook community.


The main aim of the Fintiba Community is to support interaction in between international students who face nearly same struggles. Let them share experiences, find answers to different questions, and naturally, make new friends.

There are about 2000 international students connected in our Facebook group, meaning you would most likely find a lot of people that come to Germany from your home country as well. It is especially nice to get insights about what is specifically relevant for your country group – special events, local stores to get home-like food, finding cheap flight back home for holidays and so on.

However, it is certainly not restricted to that. Getting to know other nationalities, making friends from all over the world and discussing globally relevant topics is also made possible in our Fintiba Community. It is totally up to you to decide what you would use it for 😉



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