Das Fintiba Plus Paket basiert auf einem sehr einfachen Grundsatz: “Du musst Dir keine Sorgen mehr um Deine Krankenversicherung machen”

Summer holidays have already kicked off! Although for some this is a synonym for relaxing at the beach, for those who have decided to study abroad in Germany this time of the year means the beginning of many tedious pre-arrival preparations.

Paperwork, legal requirements, visits to embassies and consulates… However, during this time, we here at Fintiba are already looking forward to the many new international students, whom we can accompany on their exciting journey to Germany. Our goal is to ensure that you leave all worries about the (sometimes tough) bureaucratic German processes behind and spend this time with more important things instead – e.g. choosing your perfect Octoberfest outfit?

For this reason, we are happy to present our newest solution to help you with preparing your German adventure – our Fintiba Plus package!

What is Fintiba Plus?

Shortly speaking, Fintiba Plus is a package of services that includes all financial and insurance solutions for your stay in Germany within one simple centralized process. Consequently, it will ease your visa application as well as your enrolment at university immensely.

What is the main idea behind Fintiba Plus?

We aim to continuously improve our services and always look out for opportunities to make the life of international students easier. The more we talked to our customers, the better we realized that the Blocked account is far not the only bureaucratic issue they face in order to get the papers done.
The insurance system here in Germany is highly complex and very confusing, especially for those coming from abroad. Thus, it is often challenging to provide the authorities with the necessary insurance coverage. In order to help you, we got our hands right into the job and the idea of Fintiba Plus was born and took form.

How does Fintiba Plus work?

Fintiba Plus is based on a very simple principle: “You don’t need to worry about your health insurance anymore”. Basically speaking, what we have done for you is completely reviewing the legal requirements regarding this matter. We know exactly what you need to sufficiently cover your stay and obtain your German visa.

In short, we have created a package that always consists of a Blocked Account plus one of the following three insurance combinations which are depending on your personal situation:

Package 1: Travel Health Insurance + Statutory Health Insurance
Package 2: Travel Health Insurance + Private Health Insurance + Statutory Health Insurance
Package 3: Travel Health Insurance + Private Health Insurance

  • Travel Health Insurance (MAWISTA Visum) – For those who are required to prove an incoming/travel insurance to cover the time between the arrival in Germany and the official enrolment date in your German University. With a coverage of 92 days, the travel health insurance ensures that you are fully covered as requested by German regulations for the first 3 months of your stay in Germany. Moreover, travel health insurance has unlimited insurance coverage and includes travel liability insurance. More information on insurance coverage can be found here.
  • Private Health Insurance (MAWISTA Student) – The MAWISTA Student Private Health Insurance covers those cases where the start of studies lies not within the first 92 days after your arrival in Germany. Therefore, it covers the time between the end of your travel/incoming health insurance and the start of your studies. The advantage of this combination of travel and private health insurance is that you don’t need to pay any monthly fees for the time that you are still in your home country. The payment of the monthly fees only starts with the end of your travel insurance. More information on insurance coverage can be found here.
  • Statutory Health Insurance (DAK Gesundheit) – This is the legal health insurance required by the German government for students who aim to obtain a study visa in Germany. This insurance will cover you during your studies in Germany after your official enrolment. To guarantee a hassle-free enrolment with as less extra effort as possible, all necessary health insurance certificates will be issued prior to your arrival. Thus, you won’t need to visit any local insurance office as soon as you are in Germany. More information on insurance coverage can be found here.

What is great (and we really think that it eases the process a lot) – there is no need to worry about which package is the most suitable for you. When you are offered any of the Fintiba Plus options, this is already a tailored solution based on the information you provided at the very beginning.

What are the advantages of using Fintiba Plus?

As our main goal is to provide you the best solutions possible, not only you will be supported and covered by renowned and trusted insurance partners (MAWISTA for private and incoming insurance and DAK Gesundheit for statutory health insurance), but also you will not need to suffer from complex unnecessary hassles and paperwork.

Our centralized, specially-designed process allows you to manage everything through your App by simply following and completing the required steps in each stage of the process. Moreover, in order to avoid your folder being filled with loads of papers, you will only be provided with the necessary documents when you really need them.

And a cherry on top – the package includes free Travel Health Insurance for your visa application worth € 95.001


1With the Free Travel Health Insurance in the Fintiba Plus package, you can save up to € 95.00. Please note that your right to free travel health insurance will expire if you do not activate either the private or statutory health insurance included in the package. We will issue an insurance confirmation which is valid for 183 days.

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