German Job Seeker Visa

In a world where opportunities extend beyond geographical borders, the search for professional development knows no borders. Germany has a powerful economy, a rich culture, and a world-class education system. As a result, the country has emerged as a top destination for individuals seeking career growth and personal development.

The German job seeker visa was introduced to attract skilled talent from around the world. It has since become a vital gateway for internationals aspiring to work and settle in this European powerhouse.

What is a job seeker visa?

A job seeker visa in Germany allows internationals to enter or stay in the country in pursuit of employment opportunities. It allows non-EU nationals to stay in Germany for a specified period, typically six months. During this time, they can explore the job market, attend job interviews, and connect with potential employers.

Who is eligible for the German job seeker visa?

Internationals interested in pursuing job opportunities in Germany must fulfil certain criteria. When applying for a job seeker visa, you must have a university degree. This degree must be from a German university or be fully recognised in Germany. Alternatively, you will need an equivalent vocational qualification.

These documents have to either be in English or German. Additionally, your degree or vocational training needs to be related to the field you are seeking employment in.

What are the requirements for application?

Below are some documents that may be required of you during the job seeker visa application process. We recommend confirming with the website of your local German embassy or Foreigners’ Authority if any additional documents are needed.

How much does the German job seeker visa cost?

The average visa fee for the German job seeker visa is 75 euros. It is important to note that visa fees tend to fluctuate for various reasons. Therefore, make sure to refer to the official website of your local immigration authority.

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How do I apply for the job seeker visa?

There are several steps you need to take to ensure a successful visa application process. Please keep in mind that procedures may differ depending on your country of residence and the authority you are applying through.

  • Confirm your eligibility and make sure you meet the criteria for the German job seeker visa.
  • Prepare all the required documents and make sure they are all still valid.
  • Carefully fill out the application form and confirm that all the information is correct.
  • Book an appointment in time, approximately 8–12 weeks in advance.
  • Prepare for and attend the interview. The representatives may ask you about your intentions and qualifications.
  • Remember to take all the necessary documents, including photocopies, with you to the embassy or Foreigners’ Office.

The average processing time for the German job seeker visa is around 4-6 weeks. If you studied in Germany, start your job seeker visa application process right after you finish your studies.

Am I allowed to work with a German job seeker visa?

While your job seeker visa is still valid, authorities do not permit you to take up employment. A trial job limited to 10 hours a week is the only exception.

What do I need to do when I get a job offer?

After receiving and accepting a job offer while your German job seeker visa is valid, the terms of employment will be finalised. Subsequently, you will receive a work contract. The next step is to apply for a work permit. Alternatively, you can also apply for the EU Blue Card if your contract meets the salary requirements.

You will need to submit your employment contract, among other required documents, to your local Foreigners’ Authority. Remember to always double-check with the website to see which documents are relevant to your application. Once the authorities approve your work permit or Blue Card, you can now start your new job.

If you do not find a job before your job search visa expires, unfortunately, you must return to your home country. You may then try to apply for a new visa again.


The German job seeker visa offers an exceptional opportunity for job seekers to become familiar with the dynamic German job market. It serves as a stepping stone for establishing a successful career and a fresh start in one of Europe’s economic powerhouses.

The job seeker visa is beneficial to international students who have graduated in Germany. Additionally, it is also instrumental for those in their home country who want to work in Germany.

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Last update: September 20, 2023