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Visa Application

step by step guide for journey to germany

Are you planning to relocate to Germany for work or study? Moving to a foreign country can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be with the Fintiba Companion by your side!

Our free digital checklist provides guidance on everything you need to know and do before, during, and after your move to Germany. From visa applications and accommodation searches to course enrolment and job hunting, our checklist offers comprehensive coverage of all the important aspects of your relocation.

Make sure that you can provide German authorities with an officially recognised proof of financial means for your visa application. Open your digital German Blocked Account within less than 10 minutes*. All you need is your passport and a stable internet connection. You can manage everything from the Fintiba app – start the process anytime, anywhere!

NEW! What is faster than 10 minutes? Get your blocking confirmation issued instantly after you send the necessary blocked amount in one transaction with a credit card via Fintiba Transfer.

With Fintiba, you get all necessary health insurances for your stay in Germany in one bundle, tailor-made to your situation.

Travel Health Insurance
This health insurance ensures that you are fully covered as requested by German regulations for the first 3 to 6 months of your stay in Germany. The insurance has unlimited insurance coverage and you will get it for free as a part of the Fintiba Plus package.

Governmental Health Insurance
This is the legal health insurance required by the German government for students who aim to obtain a study visa in Germany. This insurance will cover the time after the official enrolment at university. All necessary health insurance certificates will be issued prior to arrival – no need to visit any local insurance office in Germany.

Private Health Insurance
Private health insurance can be obained for the time between the end of your travel health insurance and the start of your studies. The insurance can also be used for enrolling at a non-state-accredited German university or persons older than 30 years.

The Fintiba Plus package combines Blocked Account and Health Insurance to an individualised bundle. 

The Fintiba Academy offers a variety of video courses for international students and job seekers who want to study and work in Germany.

Our mission is to offer comprehensive digital courses that take you through every step of the journey to Germany – from the very beginning with all aspects of the university application, through the visa process, preparation for your move, to important tips on finding accommodation and getting settled.

For your stay in Germany you will need a German current account in order to to make your daily payments. We support you by providing you with the best selection of German current account providers. You can then link this account to your blocked account to automatically receive your blocked amount transfers each month. 

Visa Application

Did you know that there are many visa refusals because they lack essential information and are simply incomplete? Use our visa application tool to find out all the visa requirements you need to meet. We create your visa application digitally and in the shortest possible time.

Finding a flat in Germany can be very challenging. That’s why we want to make your first time in Germany easier through a partnership with Hestia. Together we offer you the possibility to stay with a German guest family until you have found suitable accommodation of your own.

Liability Insurance is one of the most popular insurances in Germany. In case you cause damage to a third party, you are held liable with all your private assets for the damage caused. Sometimes this can cause a huge financial burden.

With Fintiba Liability Insurance, you can protect yourself against this financial risk. 

More information can be found here.

For everyone who wants to improve their German. As a Fintiba customer, you will automatically receive a free copy of the famous Deutsch Perfekt magazine – and if you like it, you will get another 3 free issues. 

The magazine has been specially designed for language students and offers training materials, articles and news on the most important topics. Without a doubt a really cool way to learn German!

Everything you need to know about Germany. From preparing your stay, to mastering your visa application and navigating through daily life in Germany. The Fintiba Study Guide provides you with relevant information throughout all important stages of your German adventure and is updated every time you take a new step in your journey. You find all information in your personal Fintiba account.

Exclusive Welcome Guide
On top of this, you will find your exclusive welcome guide for a smooth start in Germany in your Fintiba account. Learn more about the country, it’s culture and people. Get ready for your first steps abroad and find out how to deal with topics such as accommodation, communication, etc.

Make Friends – Join the Fintiba Community on Facebook which is designed to bring together international students on every step of their way to Germany. In the group you can ask questions, share different hints and tips, meet-up and learn everything about daily life in Germany – or simply have fun and connect with fellow students. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Just drop by and say hello! 

* With our new OCR technology, your passport will be verified within minutes and you are ready to transfer your money right away. Please note that Russia (RU), Ukraine (UA), Cuba (CU), Iran (IR), Syria (SY), North Korea (KP) and the region Crimea are at the moment not eligible for this process. Alternative passport verification options are available for those countries which as well ensure a fast blocked account opening.