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When deciding to study in Germany, there’s an exciting new phase in your life ahead. Finding a nice accommodation is a crucial part of this journey. That’s why we want to support you as much as possible so that you can soon begin to say: “This #feelslikehome”

Start your German life within a guest family

Finding a flat in Germany can be very challenging. That’s why we want to make your first time in Germany easier through a partnership with Hestia. Together we offer you the possibility to stay with a German guest family until you have found suitable accommodation of your own.

One of the best benefits of living in a guest family is that you will have social contact from the very first day and you can directly experience the German culture.  Since you will have to manage some organisational hurdles after your arrival it is very nice to have a contact person who can support you. On top of that, you can avoid a lot of bureaucracy if you do not have to get accepted by a landlord for your own flat. And maybe you will find friends for life in your “second family”.

German culture
Experience the German culture
Contact person for your personal support
Avoid a lot of bureaucracy
Find your “second family” in Germany

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Read our blog article to find out more about the experiences of previous students and what they saw as the benefits of staying with a host family.

Advantage of a Guest Family

It is difficult to find a suitable and affordable apartment – especially in big cities and university hotspots.

Germany is experiencing a housing shortage for quite a while now, there is just too much demand and not much offer out there. Germany’s housing problem affects many people including international students. If you are coming to Germany as an international student get ready to write your name in a 6-month waiting list to get a student dormitory, prepare yourself a good resume and your best outfit if you are going WG hunting or if your wallet allows it gets in line to reserve an Airbnb for the first few months after your arrival.

To overcome these initial difficulties, a guest family is a welcome alternative for many international students.

Everything you need to know for your stay at a Guest Family

Where are the Guest Families located?

We can currently offer you a guest family in all major student cities in Germany such as Berlin, Munich, Aachen, Hannover, Wiesbaden, Leipzig, Dresden, Bonn, Augsburg, Detmold, Erlangen, Erfurt, Freiburg, Fulda, Göttingen, Koblenz, Kassel, Lübeck, Luneburg, Mainz, Potsdam, Stuttgart, Ulm, Wiesbaden, Siegburg and some more. All further options can be viewed in the Fintiba guest family application form.

Is it safe to live with a Hestia family?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. Our partner Hestia is an ASTUR brand and as such part of Germany’s largest homestay network. They have vetted, interviewed and filtered all families. Most of the families have worked for Astur for more than 10 years. Your safety is a priority at Hestia.

What can I expect from the Hestia families?

The Hestia families are used to accommodating international guests, so this will not be the first time for them. They are all very welcoming and open-minded. Hestia has made sure of that. In the application process, you will get more information about them, such as hobbies, customs and some other background information. They all speak English, but part of the challenge is that you practise your German.

Who are the Center Managers?

The centre managers are Hestia staff and locals of the city where you are staying. They make sure the rooms are in good condition and they make sure everything is ready for your arrival. In summary, their main goal is to make sure everything goes according to plan.

What are the requirements for a stay with a host family?

In order to stay with a host family, you need private liability insurance. You can easily take out this insurance through Fintiba. You can find more information here.

Staying with a host family saves you money

Price comparison of monthly expenses for staying with a guest family compared to a regular apartment

Regular Apartment
Guest Family
Rent € 450.00 - 500.00 € 605.00 - 640.00
Broadcasting fee € 20.00 € 0.00
Electricity, heating, water, internet € 120.00 € 0.00
Food € 200.00 € 70.00
Health Insurance € 110.00 € 110.00
Total € 900.00 - 950.00 € 785.00 - 820.00
Regular Apartment € 450.00 - 500.00
Guest Family € 605.00 - 640.00
Broadcasting fee
Regular Apartment € 20.00
Guest Family € 0.00
Electricity, heating, water, internet
Regular Apartment € 120.00
Guest Family € 0.00
Regular Apartment € 200.00
Guest Family € 70.00
Health Insurance
Regular Apartment € 110.00
Guest Family € 110.00
Regular Apartment € 900.00 - 950.00
Guest Family € 785.00 - 820.00

What is included in the package?

When deciding to stay with a Guest Family, the following services will be included:

  • Accommodation in vetted Host Family (HESTIA Family)
  • Private furnished room with a bed, desk, shelf and wardrobe
  • Use of washing machine
  • Breakfast
  • Warm dinner
  • Lunch on weekends and bank holidays
  • Lunch when a student is at home during weekdays


For more information on additional benefits, please visit the Hestia website.

How much does it cost to stay with a guest family?

Prices in larger cities such as Berlin, Bonn, Freiburg or Munich:

One month Two months Three months
€ 730.00 € 690.00/month € 640.00/month

Prices in smaller cities such as Fulda, Göttingen or Koblenz:

One month Two months Three months
€ 685.00 € 645.00/month € 605.00/month

About Hestia

Hestia is specialised on student hospitality and cultural immersion. Hestia is part of Germany’s largest Host Family organisation with more than 6,000 host families in 40+ destinations. As part of ASTUR Education group, Hestia is committed to deliver best quality service to our international students.