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Current bank accounts for internationals in Germany

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Find the perfect current account for your stay in Germany 

Your current account is or will be the basis of your daily life and key to living your German dream! So, make sure to consider your options carefully before selecting your current account in Germany. The main attributes to take into considerations are:

Account opening possibilities regarding the legitimation processes
Monthly fees and cash withdrawal costs in Germany and abroad
Included banking cards (at best giro- as well as credit card)
Personal preference for personal advice

The right current account according to your specific needs

The right current account depends very much on your individual needs and situation. Fintiba users have access to the digital current account advice within the Fintiba app – a tool that helps you find the best current account for you.

For students without city registration

Sometimes you need a current account even before you have managed to complete your city registration. However, most banks require you to submit a city registration when you open an account. Here are some options to open an account without the need for a city registration (Anmeldung).*

WISE – Open your WISE multi-currency account from abroad in just a few minutes and completely free of charge. No city registration (Anmeldung) needed.  

ING Basic – ING offers a basic account without account management fees and with an additional free girocard, which allows you to withdraw money at around 1,200 ING ATMs, pay without charges in Euro and contactless at certain shops, all for free.

Sparkasse Basic – You can open a basic account at any local Sparkasse branch in Germany without a registration certificate. However, compared to the standard bank account, it would cost a monthly fee.

comdirect Basic – The comdirect basic account offers all the basics you need from your bank account for € 1.90 per month. Furthermore, you also receive a free girocard which can be used to withdraw cash for free at many ATMs.

* Depending on your nationality and other factors you might nevertheless be required to present a city registration.


Advice: ‘Basiskonto'(basic account)

Some internationals encounter difficulties when opening a current account. In this case, it is important to know that everyone entitled to live in Germany has the right to get a so-called “Basiskonto”. It might be limited in function and also higher in costs, but ensured that every person in Germany has access to German banking services.

You can open a so-called ‘Basiskonto’ (basic account) at a bank of your choice even without a registration letter. Every individual with a legitimate stay in the EU is allowed to open a basic account. These individuals include persons with no permanent residence, asylum seeker or such with no residence title, who do not have to leave due to judicial or actual reasons. More info can be found here.

Our recommendations for your stay in Germany

Based on popularity with our customers and an objective assessment of the services included, we would recommend the following account providers:


  • Free of charge
  • Multi-currency account for international transfers
  • Convert and hold 54 currencies for free
  • Multilingual customer support
  • European (Belgian) IBAN
  • Banking App

ING Student

  • Free of charge
  • Free VISA and girocard included
  • Contactless pay
  • Free money withdrawals throughout Germany and at affiliated shops
  • 1,200 ING ATMs
  • Banking App


  • Free of charge
  • Cash withdrawals free of charge at ATMs in Germany, in the euro area and worldwide

  • free giro card and DKB VISA Card
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay and contactless payment


  • Free of charge – without minimum deposit
  • Free girocard and VISA card included
  • Cash withdrawals free of charge worldwide
  • Free money withdrawals at affiliated shops
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay and contactless payment

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