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Health insurance — a requirement for employees in Germany

Everyone living in Germany – no matter for how long – must have health insurance. As an expat from non-EU countries, this is also a prerequisite for obtaining a visa and starting to work in Germany.

To make the whole process as smooth as possible for you, Fintiba is cooperating with a premium insurance provider in this field to offer you full protection for your stay in Germany.

German current account — manage your finances in Germany

The right current account depends very much on your individual needs and situation. Fintiba users have access to the digital current account advice within the Fintiba app – a tool that helps you find the best current account for you.


Liability Insurance — protect yourself against damages you cause to third parties

Since in Germany you are liable with all your private assets if you cause damage to someone, private liability insurance is one of the most popular insurances. With Fintiba Liability Insurance, you can protect yourself against this financial risk. 

German learning offer — improve your language skills

If you work in Germany, profound knowledge of German is a must! That’s why we’re offering a free copy of the famous Deutsch Perfekt magazine to anyone who wants to improve their German skills – and if you like it, you’ll get 3 more issues for free.

The magazine has been specially designed for language students and offers training materials, articles and news on the most important topics. Without a doubt a really cool way to learn German!

The Fintiba app — everything you need at your fingertips

Everything you need for a smooth start in Germany can be found in the Fintiba app. From preparing your stay to mastering your visa application and navigating through daily life in Germany – the information section in the Fintiba app provides you with relevant information throughout all important stages of your Germany adventure.