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Health insurance is a requirement for starting a job in Germany

Everyone living in Germany – no matter for how long – must have health insurance. As an expat from non-EU countries, this is also a prerequisite for obtaining a visa and starting to work in Germany.

To make the whole process as smooth as possible for you, Fintiba is cooperating with a premium insurance provider in this field to offer you full protection for your stay in Germany.

Let us provide you with premium health insurance coverage

DAK Gesundheit is one of Germany’s largest and longest established statutory health insurances and has already received several awards for its outstanding service over its long history. On top, DAK-Gesundheit offers numerous extra services that go beyond the legal requirements.

  • Best health insurance
    for young people according to Germany’s largest customer-focused study
  • Appointment Service
    Telephone service for doctor recommendations and to book your appointment with a specialist doctor
  • Cost Coverage
    Various medical services and preventive check-ups are covered (e.g. professional tooth cleaning or HPV or COVID-19 vaccinations)
  • Multi-Language Service Hotline
    Personal customer service in 22 different languages
  • Doctor-Video-Chat
    Specialist medical advice is given via online video service
  • Live-Chat
    With DAK consultants to ask general questions about health insurance

Your benefits when getting your insurance with Fintiba

  • Get your insurance when you are still abroad
  • Fintiba takes care of the communication with your employer
  • All digital in the Fintiba app
  • Step by step guidance through the process
  • Online portal for authorities and employers to check insurance status
  • Access to the Fintiba ecosystem and expat community
  • Additional services for the start in Germany (e.g. German language learning offers, current account advice and more)

What you need to know about governmental health insurance

In Germany, everyone who starts to work is legally obligated to obtain health insurance. As an employee, you enjoy special social security protection in Germany, where the employer usually pays half of the employee’s monthly health insurance contributions. These contributions generally depend on the amount of your salary and are shown on all your monthly payslips. In general, health insurance companies charge the same basic rate of 14.6 %. On top of that, there is an individual additional contribution to the respective health insurance company which is individually defined by the insurer. Please note that incoming or travel health insurance is not accepted as they don’t contribute to the required long-term nursing care insurance (Pflegepflichtversicherung). 


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Learn more about DAK-Gesundheit

DAK-Gesundheit is one of the leading insurance companies in Germany which offers statutory health insurance and strives to always be your competent health partner. Individual insurance solutions that are tailored to your needs are the core of DAK-Gesundheit’s service. Regardless of current circumstances or phases of life, DAK-Gesundheit offers service quality that repeatedly sets standards.

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Here’s how it works


Register with Fintiba and enter just a few personal details.


We will issue an insurance confirmation which you can use for your visa, residence permit appointment and your employer.


Activate your insurance conveniently via the Fintiba app, receive your health insurance card and enjoy a safe stay in Germany!

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