Our goal is to provide the best blocked account for your stay in Germany 🥇
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Save on fees, not on quality!
With Fintiba Plus you save € 89 + € 95.2

Get the Fintiba blocked account solution and a tailor-made health insurance package for your visa and enrolment in Germany, including free travel health insurance worth up to € 95 and a refund of your € 89 account opening fee. 

🏆 Learn more about what makes Fintiba stand out when choosing the best blocked account provider on the market.

save on the best blocked account
sticker fast monthly payouts

Not only fast to open your account, but also with your payouts!

Many providers can open your account quickly. But more importantly, Fintiba guarantees that you will get access to your money in Germany as fast as possible. That’s why you don’t need a city registration with us.

🆕 But since it can’t hurt to be faster, we now also offer an instant blocking confirmation via credit card payment. 😎

Not only Germany from the outside, but also Germany from the inside.

German IBAN, of course! You got that from us right from the start. But much better: your money at Fintiba ends up at a German bank and the account is opened only for you in your name. This means the € 100,000 deposit protection is just for you and you don’t have to share it with anyone else.

✅ Our services are accepted by all German authorities worldwide. 🇩🇪

sticker best german blocked account
step by step guide for journey to germany

Much more than just a blocked account. 

We can offer you much more than just the best blocked account. In the Fintiba app, you will also find other offers that will make your trip to Germany a breeze. From a tailor-made health insurance package to a free personal checklist to keep track of your to-dos, a free German SIM card, housing and language learning offers.

Download the Fintiba app and start your journey now! 📱


 Fintiba Plus: Everything for a smooth start in Germany within one simple solution.

Save € 89.00 + € 95.00

on your German Blocked Account and Health Insurance2 

Free Travel Health Insurance

fulfilling all authority requirements and covering the first months of your stay 

Free additional services

SIM card, German learning offers, step-by-step checklist for your journey and more

Favoured Blocked Account

Best Health Insurance

for young people according to Germany’s largest customer-focused study1

Security guarantee

We comply with highest security measures to ensure that your funds are safe

Not only are we convinced of our solutions, but also our customers:

Kerem Ürün
Kerem Ürün
I created a blocked account for a job search visa through Fintiba. An excellent app. One can create a blocked account from Germany without any problem, by following Fintiba's direction, without needing anyone. I would like to thank Fintiba for this.
Zinzile Makhanda
Zinzile Makhanda
The process is straight forward and efficient. Very easy to follow! Had a problem with my account and the money bounced back but through an email got I guided to use the app which had clear steps to allow me to change my account and have the transaction reprocessed. Thanks Fintiba
esmatullah Danishyar
esmatullah Danishyar
I have really good experiance with fintiba , helped me step by step and supported me in every field of my blocking account, i am thankfull from my ❤🙏

1 In its 21/21 issue, the business magazine Focus-Money named DAK the “Best Health Insurance Fund for Young People” in Germany’s largest customer-focused study.

2 You are eligible for your € 89.00 reward after the activation of your health insurance. The amount is paid out to your linked current account. Additionally, you will get free travel health insurance worth up to € 95.00. This limited offer is only valid for new clients who purchase Fintiba Plus until October 31, 2023, 23:59 CET.