You don’t need to pay a high rent deposit in Germany

 Guarantee replaces your regular rent deposit (max. € 5,000.00)
 You just pay a small annual premium instead of a high rent deposit
Easy online completion within only a few minutes

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Save your money for the important

As an international student, it is well known that finding a place to live in Germany can turn out to be a major challenge. On top of that, the landlord may also require you to provide a rental deposit before you move in. With the Fintiba Rent Deposit Guarantee, you can keep your money at your own disposal and don’t have to pay any deposit.


Why do I have to pay a rent deposit?

In the case of a privately used rental property like an apartment or house, a landlord may require you to provide a rental deposit worth up to three months’ rent. This is governed by law. The size of the rental deposit is normally stated in the rental contract. The purpose of these funds is to cover any rental debts or claims for damages made against you by your landlord.

What is a rent deposit guarantee?

The rent deposit guarantee is an innovative and secure alternative to paying the usual rent deposit. You can keep your money at your own disposal and do not have to pay a rent deposit. Instead, you pay a small annual premium to the insurance underwriting agency ias*. In return, a guarantee certificate is issued and sent directly to your landlord. With the rent deposit guarantee, you ensure liquidity and financial freedom instead of paying the landlord a deposit of up to three months’ cold rent. If the landlord makes a claim, he will receive the requested money on first demand from the insurance underwriting agency. However, rent deposit guarantee should not be confused with liability insurance. Payments made by the insurance underwriting agency on your behalf in the event of a claim must be repaid by you.

Advantages of the Fintiba Rent Deposit Guarantee

… for you:

Reduction of high additional financial burden
You have the money at your disposal and keep your liquidity
Easy online application within only a few minutes
Issuance of guarantee certificate within 2-3 working days
Avoidance of double debit (e.g. if your previous deposit has not been returned yet)

… for your landlord:

No bureaucratic effort in contrast to administration of a deposit account
In case of a claim, the amount is paid out immediately and in an uncomplicated manner on first demand
Due to the process-related customer assessment, an own credit assessment by the house owner might not be needed
Availability of deposit guarantee from day one

An example of how the annual premium is calculated assuming that your rent deposit would be € 500.00:

€ 500.00 rent deposit * 5% annual guarantee fee = € 25.00 premium

Thus, you would only pay a € 25.00 premium to the insurance underwriting agency instead of a € 500.00 deposit to your landlord.

Still need to convince your landlord of the rent deposit guarantee?

Here you can download a document that explains the whole process and its advantages.

Step by step guidance through the process

  • Ordering Process

    • Enter the amount of your rent deposit
    • Enter details of your new accommodation and your landlord
  • Receiving Documents

    • You receive a cover confirmation** right away
    • You receive an information sheet for your landlord
  • Review Process

    • If data needs to be adapted, you can edit the information online
    • We verify your data and ask you to confirm that they are final
    • You confirm your final data and request your guarantee certificate
  • Sending Certificate

    • Your guarantee certificate will be sent directly to your landlord

** The cover confirmation can be presented to the landlord to proof that your deposit will be covered by the rent deposit guarantee

More information about the Fintiba Rent Deposit Guarantee

Everything you need to know when registering for a rent deposit guarantee with Fintiba

*The rent deposit guarantee is issued by the insurer Builders Direct S.A. in cooperation with the insurance underwriting agency ias – Internationale Assekuranz Service GmbH