German grade calculator

With its world-class universities and outstanding education system, Germany is increasingly gaining popularity among international students. If you are preparing to embark on this exciting academic journey, understanding how your grades from your home country align with the German grading system is crucial. For this purpose, a German grade calculator may come in handy.

German Grade Calculator

With this efficient German grade calculator, you can easily convert your grades into the German grading system. The calculator uses the common Modified Bavarian Formula.

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Modified Bavarian Formula

The Modified Bavarian Formula is a widely accepted method for converting foreign grades into the German grading system. This formula is also the most used for most German grade calculators.

It is important to note that this formula is not a one-size-fits-all solution, as different German universities may slightly modify it to suit their specific needs. However, it provides a general understanding of how your grades might be evaluated in Germany as you apply to a German university.

The German grading system

In Germany, grades are typically awarded on a scale from 1.0 to 6.0, with 1.0 being the highest and 6.0 the lowest. German universities commonly only use the scale from 1.0 to 5.0, whereby 5.0 means fail. The table below gives you an overview of the grade distribution with percentages.

German GradePercentageMeaningPass or Fail
1.0 - 1.590 - 100%Very good – sehr gutPass
1.6 - 2.575 - 89%Good – gutPass
2.6 - 3.560 - 74%Satisfactory – befriedigendPass
3.6 - 4.050 - 59%Sufficient - ausreichendPass
5.00 - 49%Failed – nicht bestandenFail

How to convert letter grades

If your previous grading system uses letter grades, you can simply assign a number to each letter before using the German grade calculator. It could look as follows:

  • A+ is equivalent to 1
  • A is equivalent to 2
  • B is equivalent to 3
  • C is equivalent to 4
  • D is equivalent to 5
  • E is equivalent to 6

This example is functional if the minimum passing grade is D.


Understanding the German grading system is vital for your journey as an international student in Germany.

Please note that the German grade calculator only provides a standardised method for conversion. Therefore, keep in mind that individual universities may have slight variations in their evaluation systems. Always confirm with your university for the exact requirements.

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Last update: October 6, 2023