Fintiba Study Guide: everything you need to know about Germany

We at Fintiba are an international company with many colleagues and friends from other countries who accepted the challenge of coming to a completely new country with no to little prior knowledge themselves. From their experience, we know how difficult it can be for newly arrived students and workers to do even the most trivial things like going shopping or ordering a meal in a restaurant. And we don’t even want to start talking about the hassle with German authorities!

Generally, there is plenty of information that can be found regarding moving to Germany or other countries. But there is no source where you can find all the information you need short and concise. In fact, the plethora of information can be quite overwhelming, leading to frustration and confusion. To solve all those problems, we decided to create our own study guide, with information about many areas of interest, and content that changes depending on your current situation and needs.

With the guide we start at the very beginning, giving a short insight into the German culture, specifics and things that are helpful to know before facing German comrades, colleagues and neighbours. In addition to that, in our Study Guide you can find recommendations for things that have to be experienced during a stay in Germany and hints towards quirks of Germans you are likely to face (for example, German’s obsession with punctuality and rules).

Aside from this short country profile, we also provide essential information regarding your visa, residence permit and other important documents. In particular: where you can apply for them, which authority is the right one for you and which documents are likely to be required from applicants. We provide necessary advice that we hope helps everyone to navigate through the jungle of hurdles and requirements that stands in the way of opening the gate to Germany.

But we didn’t only collect information about regulatory stuff or the German culture. We also describe all the different options you will have to travel around Germany and Europe once you arrived and which means of transport are the best fit for which situation. Complementing that, our traveling segment helps you to find new favourite locations to explore and gives recommendations for must-see spots throughout the whole country for every type of preference.

And lastly, let’s talk about one of the most important things: shopping. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to run some errands or are planning to go on a shopping marathon. When coming to Germany, you are flooded by countless brand names and stores you might have never heard of. In our shopping segment, you can find everything you need to know about the German landscape of supermarkets, drug stores, pharmacies and many more. We want to give you an impression on what you can expect when entering one of those markets and make it easier for you to find the right shops for your personal needs.

Did we spark your curiosity? Then we would be delighted if you browse through the different categories of the Study Guide and learn a thing or two about Germany. Maybe you will even find a piece of information that helps you get better grades in the next exam! We are happy about every single reader that we were able to help and will keep improving our services. Stay tuned ?


*Please note that only customers of Fintiba are able to access the Study Guide in our web application.

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