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Health insurance is a requirement for visa and enrolment in Germany

Everyone who lives in Germany, no matter how long, must have health insurance. As an international student, it is also a requirement for both, obtaining a visa and enrolling at a German university.

At Fintiba, we make this whole process as smooth as possible for you. We have partnered with experienced experts in this field to offer you full protection for your stay in Germany.

Why should get your health insurance with Fintiba:

Get your health insurance confirmation while still in your home country

Quick, simple and transparent process.

Fully digital through the Fintiba App

Real-time control over your account – anytime, anywhere.

Step-by-step guidance through the whole process

Always have an overview of your next steps and never feel confused.

Complementary services for your start in Germany

Benefit from German language learning offers, a comprehensive checklist to guide your way to Germany, a free German SIM card, and much more.

Which health insurance would I need for my stay in Germany?

The health insurance system in Germany is one of the most effective worldwide. The system is based on two types of health insurance:

  • Public health insurance (also referred to as governmental or statutory health insurance)
  • Private health insurance

Non-EU citizens cannot use their health insurance from their home country in Germany. Therefore, they need to cover themselves with German health insurance.

Depending on your individual situation, you may be eligible for either private or statutory health insurance.

Learn more about health insurance in Germany

Not sure which health insurance you need? – Let us take care of everything.

Within the Fintiba Plus solution, we put together a customised package based on your needs. This consists of a blocked account and all the health insurance coverage you need for your stay in Germany.

Public health insurance

  • A requirement for enrolment at a German university
  • Offers affordable tariffs for (international) students under 30
  • Covers visits to your general practitioner (Hausarzt), basic dental care, in- and out-patient procedures, and more
  • Costs for treatments are covered directly by your public health insurance provider
DAK top health insurance 2022


DAK Gesundheit is one of the largest and longest-established providers of public health insurance in Germany. The provider has received several awards for its outstanding service over its long history. Additionally, DAK-Gesundheit provides an abundance of complementary services that exceed the statutory obligations.

  • Best health insurance
    for young people according to Germany’s largest customer-focused study
  • Appointment Service
    Telephone service for doctor recommendations and to book your appointment with a specialist doctor
  • Cost Coverage
    Various medical services and preventive check-ups are covered (e.g. professional tooth cleaning or HPV or COVID-19 vaccinations)
  • Multi-Language Service Hotline
    Personal customer service in 22 different languages
  • Doctor-Video-Chat
    Specialist medical advice is given via online video service
  • Live-Chat
    With DAK consultants to ask general questions about health insurance

Private health insurance

  • Suitable for language students, au-pairs and jobseekers
  • Required by universities for students above the age of 30
  • Offers basic coverage as well as higher levels of coverage
  • Treatment costs are paid in advance by policyholder then reimbursed by the private health insurance company following submission of an invoice


MAWISTA GmbH is one of the market leaders with tailor-made private health insurance in Germany. It is perfect for those who need medical protection for their temporary stay in Germany

For Travel Health Insurance:


  • Free of charge within the Fintiba Plus package1
  • Unlimited insurance coverage (more than € 30,000.00 is covered)
  • Valid for the agreed period within 12 months from the applied start of insurance; multiple entry and exit are possible
  • Coverage complies with the requirements of the European Parliament and Council
  • Including travel liability insurance

For Private Health Insurance

MAWISTA Student 

  • Valid for 60 months
    automated cancellation in case you switch to public health insurance
  • Insured region: Germany and the states of the EU (+ Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland)
  • Free choice between the Classic and Comfort tariff
  • Including an insurance card in the Comfort tariff to make the authentication at your doctor easy and seamless

Here’s how it works


Register with Fintiba and enter just a few personal details.

Visa & residence permit

We will issue an insurance confirmation which you can use for your visa, residence permit appointment or enrolment.


Activate your insurance conveniently via the Fintiba app, receive your health insurance card and enjoy a safe stay in Germany!

Frequently asked questions

With free Travel Health Insurance in the Fintiba Plus package, you can save up to € 95.00. Please note that your right for free travel health insurance will expire if you do not activate either the private or statutory health insurance included in the package.