DAK Gesundheit: the best public health insurance for international students in Germany

The advantages of choosing DAK as your public health insurance provider

For international students who are about to start their journey to Germany, choosing the right health insurance is always a crucial decision. There are several major players in the public health insurance market, one of which is DAK. Why should international students choose DAK? In this article, we will compare DAK Gesundheit with other providers and highlight the exclusive benefits of choosing DAK as your health insurance provider.

Note: DAK was rewarded the best health insurance company for young people by Großen GKV-Guide of the German Financial Service Institute and Focus Money (issue 21/2022).

Advantage 1: Strong bonus and cashback rewards

Sorce: DFSI’s website

In February 2023, the DFSI Institute published a paper on the BEST STATUTORY HEALTH INSURANCE for 2023. With a score of 24.6, DAK received the highest score in the category Bonus/Benefit Programme.

Here are just some of the benefits available for DAK clients in their bonus / cashback programme:

  • a bonus programme of up to €500

  • full reimbursement for HPV vaccination (~€500)

  • a €119.94 monthly cashback from the DAK Fit & Cash Programme

  • a €120 cashback for fitness studio or sports club subscriptions

  • €60 per year for professional teeth cleaning

  • €60 every 2 years for skin cancer screening

  • 90% coverage of the costs of travel vaccinations

Source: DAK gesundheit

To make use of DAK’s cashback programme, simply log in to your DAK account and upload the invoices to relevant services and the reimbursement will be transferred to your bank account.

Advantage 2: Comprehensive insurance coverage

For international students who need help navigating the German healthcare system and finding the right care for their needs, DAK health insurance can be especially valuable. Another standout benefit of DAK Gesundheit is its comprehensive coverage. Whether you need regular check-ups, vaccinations, or acupuncture, DAK Gesundheit has got you covered.

Below are just some of the most post popular treatments among students covered by DAK:

  1. Dental care coverage including orthodontic treatment and professional teeth cleaning;

  2. Coverage of all necessary medical treatments including doctor visits, hospital stays, and surgical procedures;

  3. Extensive coverage for prescription drugs for up to 100% of the cost;

  4. A range of preventive services such as general health check-ups, STDs screening, cancer screening, vaccines, and health courses;

  5. A range of fitness programs such as yoga, Tai Chi, anti-stress exercise and nutrition courses, etc.;

  6. A large network of healthcare providers including doctors, hospitals, and pharmacists, makes it easy for international students to access the medical care they need;

  7. Health benefits and screening during pregnancy, also for co-insured family members;

Source: DAK Gesundheit

Advantage 3: Slightly higher monthly premium, yet a fuller coverage

Compared to AOK, DAK Gesundheit has a higher monthly fee in some German regions. However, DAK eases students’ cumbersome re-registering process if students move from one German federal state to another. What’s more, DAK offers a much more comprehensive range of services and benefits.

Compared to TK, DAK’s monthly fee is only €2.4 higher. However, DAK health insurance offers stronger cashback for various health programs. For example, DAK has offered €60 cash back for professional teeth cleaning for years, while TK only started offering €40 cash back at the end of 2022. In addition, DAK also offers cashback for the purchase of prescription glasses and contact lenses.

Advantage 4: DAK in the Fintiba Plus Package – all you need for the visa application

With the Fintiba Plus package you can get your blocked account together with the required health insurance (DAK for public insurance) within one solution covering everything you need for your visa appointment, as well as the enrolment at your university – fully digital and conveniently accessible in your Fintiba app. This way you can save time and make your stay in Germany as smooth as, possible from the very beginning.

Note: If you are over 30, or you are not officially enrolled in a full-time study programme at a university (for example, you are taking a language course or studying at a Studienkolleg), then you will need private health insurance with MAWISTA.

On the whole, for international students who want the best possible health insurance and support while in Germany, DAK Gesundheit is the way to go. Whether you need preventive care, alternative medicine, rehabilitation, or personalised health advice in multiple languages – DAK Gesundheit has got you covered.

Additionally, by choosing the Fintiba Plus package, students can simplify the preparation of their visa application documents and university enrolment, and get the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive health coverage, as well as additional benefits (e.g. the Fintiba Scholarship, free German SIM card, free webinars, video courses from the Fintiba Academy, etc.) to enhance their experience in Germany.

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