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Do you remember yourself trying to figure out a way through the jungle of German bureaucracy not that long ago? All the questions and doubts that you had and the confusion you felt? Well, those were probably pretty stressful times. We hope that our App has made it a little easier for you to sort out your documents and prepare for your stay in Germany. Now that you are done with the process – take a look around. There are so many people around you going through the same struggle and some of them are your relatives, friends, former colleagues.

Your confused friends ☝️

Now, take a look at yourself. Full of insights and useful experience, you can make their lives so much easier.

Your experienced self ☝️

It will only take a few minutes of your time to give some tips and share your Fintiba experience 😉 For that purpose, we have created the Fintiba Referral Programme. It’s easy – support international students on the way to Germany by spreading the word about Fintiba and earn special rewards. Specifically, get a chance to get €10 every time friends receive a Blocking Confirmation and gift €15 to all the friends that choose Fintiba Plus.

“You can make it, but it’s easier if you don’t have to do it alone.” – Betty Ford

How to participate?

Simply login to your Fintiba profile. See that pretty gift button on the upper right corner? That’s where you need to click 🙂 Enter you member dashboard, copy your personal link and start sharing!

Please note that in order for registrations to be considered, your friends have to sign up via the website and NOT the mobile app. Once the registration process is completed, all the further actions could be done in the app.To ensure that your Referrals are properly tracked, we recommend your friends using Google Chrome as their browser when signing up. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that programme cookies will be accepted by all of the other browsers.


But how exactly does it work?

We have prepared the overview below with all the information you need. If you still have questions left, please visit our Help Center.



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