Fintiba meets the Consul General Wang Shunqing

On the 28th of September, Jonas Marggraf, the Chief Operating Officer of Fintiba GmbH, was invited to attend the reception of the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China. The featured event was hosted by the Consul General Wang Shunqing and his wife at Villa Kennedy Hotel in Frankfurt am Main and was dedicated to the 69th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. The reception was attended by the State Secretary of Hessen from the Department of Economy, State Secretary of the Rheinland-Pfalz, representatives of the Frankfurt Municipal Government and other municipal councils. Apart from that, many business representatives have taken part in the celebration.

In his warm greetings to the Consul General Wang Shunqing and his wife, Mr. Marggraf has expressed Fintiba’s best wishes to the Chinese people and shared determination to constantly improve services provided to Chinese students that are coming to study in Germany.

During the reception, Mr. Jonas Marggraf had a profound conversation with the leader of the education group of the General Consulate in Frankfurt and exchanged opinions on the topic of student guidance and support with bureaucratic procedures in Germany. Fintiba is offering a wide range of products and services to help overseas students since 2017. It has provided great benefits and convenience for international students which is greatly appreciated by the leader of the education group.

Mr. Marggraf has invited the education group to visit Fintiba GmbH in Frankfurt to further discuss potential improvement and development opportunities of Fintiba services for the sake of Chinese students. Both parties have demonstrated great anticipation of possible cooperation opportunities.


2018年9月28日,Fintiba公司首席运营官Jonas Marggraf先生谨代表Fintiba公司,受邀参加王顺卿总领事夫妇在法兰克福肯尼迪别墅酒店举行的招待会,隆重庆祝中华人民共和国成立69周年。在招待会现场,黑森州经济部国务秘书萨姆森,莱法州内政部国务秘书史蒂希,法兰克福市政府和市议会及领区其他州市代表,经济、金融、文化等各界友好人士出席。

Jonas Marggraf先生在对王顺卿总领事夫妇亲切友好的问候中表达了Fintiba公司对中国人民的祝福,以及对更好地为赴德留学人员提供更加优质服务的决心。

在招待会中,Jonas Marggraf先生和来自法兰克福总领馆教育组的有关领导进行了深切的交谈,并对为留德华们提供更加优质服务的话题进行了意见的交换。Fintiba公司以提供留学生保证金服务为起点,向全世界的赴德留学人员提供多样化的服务产品,这为赴德留学人员提供了极大的实惠与便利,教育组的领导对此表示十分赞赏。Jonas Marggraf先生谨代表Fintiba公司随时欢迎教育组的领导莅临指导,共同为留学德国的中国学生们提供更加便利化的服务。教育组的有关领导表示十分期待在日后与Fintiba公司的积极互动。

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